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Vino Therapy

What is Vino Therapy and What are the Benefits?

Simply stated, skin care infused with the botanical power of the grapevine. Vino therapy, transforms skin with powerful, age defying anti-oxidants harvested from the by products of the wine making process. When applied topically, studies have proven immense benefits.

The powerful anti-oxidant, resveratrol, found in high concentrations in grape seeds, stems and skins is easily absorbed by the skin. Fortifying the skin, reducing inflammation and the slowing the skin from  aging prematurely. The substances found in the acids of the wine grapes are known to strengthen micro circulation, increasing the resistance of the blood cells and stopping the destruction of the hyaluronic acid with that of the glycolic acid which serve to protect the skins elasticity and collagen fibers.

For centuries, women have known the cosmetic benefits of vino: bathing in it to soften their skin, mixing wine with Grape Seed oil and herbs to smooth and heal their skin, and using Grape Seeds as an exfoliator for the face and body. Its benefits recognized by Cleopatra and the Romans who apparently kept records of their vino therapy practices. Records reveal that Cleopatra loved bathing in wine and being massaged with Grape Seed oil. Vino Therapy is an ancient yet highly effective indulgence.

  • Grape Seeds, Grape Seed Extract and Grape Seed oil are packed with powerful anti-oxidants fighting free radicals that accelerate the aging process.
  • Grape Seed and Grape skin contain powerful anti-oxidants more than 20 times stronger than vitamin C and 50 times stronger than vitamin E.
  • Grape Seed Extract (Vitis Vinefera) maintains and stimulates collagen production and creates a barrier to keep skin at optimum moisture levels.

Grape Seed Extract (Vitis Vinefera)
  • Studies suggest that the active components of grape seed inhibit the destruction of collagen structures. Support of collagen structures is important to the overall health of the tiny capillaries that supply energy to the body's tissues.
  • Grape seed extract are naturally rich in these anti-oxidants, with an extraordinary class of bio flavonoids called proanthocyanidins that are even more powerful than vitamins E and C. OPC's scavenge many types of harmful cascading free-radicals that can damage cell membranes while supporting healthy blood flow.
  • Grape Seed Extract are also naturally high in silicon, a mineral essential for healthy, soft, smooth skin. Grape Seed Extract keeps collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid within the skin in pristine condition by blocking enzymes that might disrupt their chemical structure. Its flavonoids also inhibit allergic reactions that can generate skin problems.

Grape Seed Oil

  • Grape seed oil is a light, odorless natural oil derived from Italian grape seeds.
  • Possesses regenerative and reconstructive anti-oxidants, it helps to slow the oxidation process that causes pre-mature skin aging.
  • It absorbs easily and penetrates into the skin deeply, providing immense moisture without feeling heavy or oily.
  • The mild astringent properties prevent it from clogging pores or causing acne breakouts.
  • It reduces inflammation, redness, itching, all common symptoms commonly associated with psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and acne prone skin.
  • This versatile oil is suitable for all skin types, even those with sensitive and reactive skin.